0610 Banquet

The RMHW banquet was held on Saturday evening with award presentations for the winners of the Peoples Choice car show, the longest distance traveled, and Best in Show.

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Guests entering the Westin banquet hall

A great turnout for the banquet…

Jeff and Justine begin the award ceremony

First a thank you to the Westin staff

Robert Viertel traveled 2000+ miles to RMHW

Robert accepting the Long Distance Award

Sean Reardon got the autographed Snowmass book

Nate Adams won the Peoples Choice Cayman category

Scott Bever won the Cayenne category

Joel won the 911 category

Steven Smith won the 914 category

Rod Nordstorm won the Panamera category

Kel Kling won Best in Show for Hawk12

Justine Estein accepted the award for the Boxster category (not pictured).

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