0608 Glenwood Caverns

Jeff and Justine led the first tour to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park.  The park was situated on the top of the mountain on the north side of Hwy 70 and is accessible via gondola from Glenwood Springs.

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Driver briefing area in the Westin lobby

Jeff Estein briefing the Glenwood Cavern tour

Cars lining up in Parking Lot 8 for Glenwood

Cars departing for the tour…

At the GCAP parking lot

Tour guide Kiki explaining rock formations

The 12,966′ Mount Sopris in the background

Entering the Fairy Caves

Glenwood Springs from the Fairy Cave’s outlook

Kiki explaining more about the caves discovery

Rock formations…

Cave bacons…

Cave popcorn and stalactites

Gathered in a large cavern

Waiting for gondola that never came…

Group shot by park photographer

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